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Poodle Haircuts: Standard Miniature and Toy Poodle hairstyles (Over 60 Pictures)

The Poodle breed possesses many amazing qualities and characteristics and among its most fascinating elements are the different Poodle haircuts.

That’s why we’ll give you a lot of tips and ideas here.

Poodle Haircuts - picture

Your little friend can get several different fur coiffing: the dog might be neatly trimmed all over or get a haircut that consists of elaborate cuts – in order to be achieved a pompom effect, this requires mixture or growth and shaving.

If you own a Poodle, you might choose for your dog to have a show cut or simply trimming of the coat to a certain length.

According to the AKC standards, the cuts should depend on the poodle’s age.

We will take a look at those.

Watching a full show trimmed Poodle, one might wonder what is practical about all the pompoms and poufs.

The show cuts today are equally fanciful and practical.

The practical parts come from the past when the owners had to keep their hunting dogs visible (topknot) but still lightweight (thus, partially shaving the body) for the Poodles were working as hunting “water dogs”.

However, some French noblemen who had elaborate pompadours wanted their dog’s fur to look like their own haircut and thus they trimmed the poodles and that is where the fanciful part comes from.

The standard daily or show clips and the grooming basics are the same for miniature Poodles, toy Poodles and standard Poodles.

In the Westminster-level shows regular class there are two grooming styles, which are acceptable for any sized Poodles.

These are the “Continental” and the “English Saddle” and their appearance is very much alike but the Continental includes more heavy shaving of the hindquarters.

Nevertheless, these are simply two of all the grooming styles for Poodles – you can choose among many others.

Should the Poodle Haircuts be short or long?

This decision is only yours!

We will help you make your mind and you should realize that each of those two has its own pros and cons.

Here are some questions you might want to answer before choosing the hairstyle:

• Do I like the long hairstyle more than I like the short one?

• Will my free time be enough for maintaining the dog if its hair is long?

• Will I have time for daily brushing of my dog’s hair?

Usually the things that determine the length of your dog’s haircut are the family’s everyday activities.

If the owners have children and are very busy, they usually have their dog with short cuts for if the hair is long, the dog will require more grooming.

Some owners do not want to have to brush, bath and comb the Poodles as often and that is why they cut the dog’s hair as short as possible but most of them do not expect the results.


The dog should be groomed regularly even if its hair is cut short.

The brushing, trimming and bathing are still required but will be easier and shorter if the dog has a short haircut.

When should you do the Poodle first haircut?

That is actually up to you too.

It is better not to rush that for after the puppy hair is cut off, the pups seem to grow up really fast.

A good suggestion, unless you’ll be taking the dog to shows, is to trim the hair before the coat starts to change, which means between the age of six and nine months.

Should you do the Poodle cuts yourself or visit a professional groomer?

You can choose among various options with the main ones being the following:

• Visiting a professional grooming salon.

• Make an appointment with a professional groomer to visit your home – an option that many salons offer.

• Choose a freelance groomer.

Some people practice grooming as their second job and although this option might be cheaper, you have to be sure that the person knows what they are doing,

has enough experience, possesses the necessary quality tools and has enough understanding when it comes to taking care of a pet.

Otherwise, the grooming session might turn into disaster.

Of course, if you visit the groomers’ home, there will be some inconvenient moments – for instance, you may have to wait in the kitchen or something like that.

• Do the trimming yourself.

This process is not something impossible to do by yourself.

Of course, you have to learn the grooming techniques and provide yourself with all the tools, which you will need.

If a person wants to learn how to groom, then they are perfectly capable to achieve a comprehending of it but you have to take it one-step at a time.

The basic haircuts are not hard to learn. Still, if you want the pet to be stylish, you had better visit a professional grooming studio.

Those who simply want certain body parts of the dog to be trimmed are capable to do those themselves.


For the people who decide to go to a professional groomer – do not forget to make sure that the groomer is experienced and knows how to deal with pets.

Although this is more expensive, when you go to a professional, you get not only a quality haircut but also your pet’s safety is guaranteed for the pros use professional tools which are pre-disinfected and sanitized before every use.

Different Grooming Options

Full Groom

This grooming service is among the most popular.

It is quite complex and the dog will go through plenty of procedures.

First, the groomer will comb the pet, remove the dead hairs and clean the ear canals with special lotion.

They are going to cut the dog’s nails and afterwards comes the paw pads areas trimming.

Then it is bath time.

The groomer will use only professional shampoos and conditioners.

When this procedure is done, the groomer will use towel and hairdryer to dry out the dog.

The next step is very important – the brushing, when all the tangles should be carefully removed.

The listed above are the “Full Groom” basic procedures.

Only when these are done, the haircut process will start. You can choose among various styles or simply tell the groomer what you want.

The professional groomer will not only cut the extra hair. They will also form the lines on the head, legs and chest.

The “Full Groom” is the best service for the people who really want their Poodles to look fancy and appreciate the quality of the dogs’ looks.

Sanitary Trim for Poodles

Not that expensive service which sometimes confuses the people for they think it only consists of cutting the parts around the sexual organs and the anus.

The procedure starts with combing and the groomer will cut and form the tail after.

The next step is important one – trimming the area around the anus – for this is part of keeping proper hygiene.

Then comes the next step – cleaning the ear canals (the groomer will use a special lotion) and the eyes areas.

The areas bellow and around the paw pads will be done and the nails might be cut if this is necessary.

This service consists of trimming and forming those areas, which have to be short to prevent all irritation and to maintain the proper hygiene of the dog.

The genital, anus and paw pads have to be trimmed.

The eyes and ears – cleaned.

Always keep these areas clean and short and this can help you prevent future problems.

Shaved Poodle? Can you shave your Poodle in the summer?

Shaved Poodle - picture

Usually people think that it is a very good idea to shave their dogs in the summer.

Actually, if you shave the dog, this will remove its natural system for temperature regulation.

Thus, it will feel the heat even more and will be prone to sunburn.

If the fur is very short, the UV rays easily can penetrate it but the skin cannot be seen, thus, it is hard to say if the dog has sunburn.

So, should your dog has basic burn, we will probably fail to notice this unless the case is more severe – as, for example, the skin is peeling, etc.

If you shave your dog to less than 1 inch of fur during the summer, the pet should stay inside during the hottest hours.

You should remember that this way the pet is much more vulnerable to overheating, sunburn and the elements.

Thus, if you plan to spend plenty of time outside during the hot days, then you had better avoid the close shave.

However, if you stay indoors and keep you dog indoors or in cool shade, then the close shave is okay.

Most of the scientists and the veterinarians say that it is crucial for the dog to have decent amount of fur because that way the air will stay trapped and the fur will protect the pet from the temperature and the sun.

They do not recommend shaving but they do agree that it can be helpful to shave the single-coated dogs as long as you take precautions against the sun and the temperature.

If the dog has fur less than an inch long, the dog will be less comfortable and it will be harder for it to stay cool.

This takes the natural protection of the skin away, thus, the temperature regulation is harder.

Still, if you cannot brush the dog, this will lead to bad matting which will stop the fur from protecting the skin.

Thus, if you are unable to regularly brush the dog, it might be better to shave it and take other types of protection into consideration.

Poodle Hairstyles: A Few Helpful Advices

If you decide to change the Poodle’s hair or cut it, you can do it yourself if you have enough experience in grooming but if you do not it is better to leave it to the professionals.

It is okay to talk to the groomer first and see if they are the right person for the job.

First, you need to understand if this groomer has experiences with the haircut you want.

The groomer might not have experience on this haircut on Poodles but with other breeds, which is also okay.

Try to get more information and ask for pictures to see the groomer’s work.

In addition, while you can simply tell the groomer what hairstyle you want, it is better to bring a picture that shows the Poodle cut for this would be easier for both you and the groomer.


When you are considering what hairstyle you want for your Poodle, of course, you will be thinking about if the cut looks beautiful but you should not forget to take into account if you can maintain it.

Here are some of the most popular Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodle Haircuts:

Poodle Show cut

If you are going to show off your Poodle in a conformation, the correct haircut is the Lion Trim, which is traditional.

There are four varieties of the Poodle Lion Trim and we will list them below:

Poodle Puppy Cut

Poodle Puppy Cut - picture

The Poodle Puppy Cut for shows is acceptable only if the Poodle is younger than 1 year.

Many dog owners choose this clip for with it the Poodle’s body will be fully covered and will not expose any skin other than the paws.

If the skin is exposed and resting against carpeting or subjected to sun, or the dog is playing outside, this can lead to sores.

The Poodle Puppy Clip consists of shaving of the throat, face, base of the tail and paws of the Poodle with the entire foot being visible.

If you choose this option, you can also have the end of the puppy’s tail has a pompom.

The groomer will use scissors and even everything up, removing the straggly hairs in order for the puppy’s coat to have a smooth, neat, unbroken line.

Continental Poodle Clip

Continental Poodle Clip - photo

If you are going to show your Poodle in conformation, keep in mind that the Continental Poodle Clip is accepted only for the dogs who are of age of 1 year or more.

The Continental cut consists of closely shaving the feet, the face, the base of the tail, the hindquarter (to the pom area, while the hip rosettes are not shaven) and the front legs – between the elbow and poms.

The pack area will be scissored in order to have some shape but will be left really long.

Another part, which will be long, is the top knot, which have to be pulled into ponytail.

A big pompom will be made on the dog’s tail.

The groomer will start the poms above the hock joints and wrist and will end them above the feet, making the poms round with scissors.

Over the hip joint will be places hip rosettes.

Depending on the Poodle’s variety, the hip rosettes will be about 1/2 or 1 inch apart and made round with scissors.

The pack’s end will be behind the last rib at 1/2 to 1 inch.

The hip rosettes’ beginning is only 1/2 inch apart from the pack’s end.

Modified Continental Poodle Clip

The AKC mentions only the English Saddle and the Continental but on conformation this clip is also allowed because the only difference is that there are no hip rosettes.

English Saddle Clip

The groomer will closely shave the tail’s base, the flank’s crescent, the face, the separations between the poms on paws and rear legs and the front leg (between the pack and the pom), while they’ll leave the pack rather full and shape it with scissors.

The head’s topknot will be long. The groomer shall put it into ponytail.

The front legs will have leg long poms, which shall start from above the wrist joint while the end will be just above the feet. T

he groomer will use a scissor to shorten the area over the flanks and hips and make them like a smooth blanket.

The pom on the tail will be with the shape of a ball. The hind legs will have rounded off poms, which are evenly spaced.

The groomer will do the bottom pom between the hock and the feet.

In addition, the groomer will shape the fur between the knee area and the lower pom (1 to 1/2 inch above it, depending on your pet’s size).

Other Poodle Clips

The Sporting Clip

This one is the most popular clip in the UK.

It consists of close shaving of the tail’s base, the throat, feet and face.

The groomer will shape the top of the head as a cap with scissors.

They will also scissor or clip the legs and the rest of the body to follow the outline.

The coat will be short – with a length of about 1 inch.

The legs’ hair might be just a little bit longer than the body’s hairs while the end of the tail will have a fluffy pompom.

Poodle Scandinavian Clip

The AKC does not accept this type of trim. Still, the Poodle Scandinavian Clip is popular all over the European countries as Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and others.

It might be also called ‘Second Puppy Clip‘.

The groomer will make the top hair into a topknot or puff it off. The legs will have very low coat, covering everything but a bit of the paws.

This type of clip does not expose the skin but does give the Poodle a cute shape.

The coat grows quickly, thus, the clip can soon lose its shape. So, about 5 days before show, it should be retouched.

Poodle Kennel Clip

The AKC does not allow this clip for shows and it is just a pet clip, which can be easily done.

It consists of closely shaving only the tail’s base, the feet and the face while the hair of the body is left short and the groomer will shape it with scissors.

The hair on the tail and the top knot will be longer than the hair of the body, with the length of the latter being up to the dog’s owner.

Some people decide to leave their dog’s body hair longer when it is cold and shortening it when it is hot.

Poodle Lamb Cut

Poodle Lamb cut - picture

The Poodle Lamb Cut differs from the Kennel Clip only in leaving the coat longer.

Bikini Clip

Called also Summer Clip or Miami Clip.

The groomer will closely shave the feet, the face and the base of the tail of the dog, while leaving the hair of the body in average size and fluffy, shaping it with scissors.

The bottom of the legs will be made into a pom, which starts above the wrist and ends above the feet.

The owner gets to decide how long the hair to be left but most of them want it very short.

Dutch Clip

Poodle Dutch cut - photo

A very interesting clip where the tail’s base, the bellyband, the feet and the face of the Poodle will be closely shaved.

The bellyband can be either wide or thin shaved, while the legs, the tail and the top of the head will be fluffy.

The groomer will also shape the lines between the hips and between the withers, both along the spine.

Corded Coat

Poodle Corded coat - picture

Usually the people do not think about corded-coated Poodles but some owners do want their dog’s coat to be hanging in cords but if that is the case, you cannot brush the coat and you should separate the cords by hand.

Before many years, this option had been very popular but now most of the people do not have the time to maintain the coat – to braid it, clean it and dry it – and this is why it is so rare nowadays.

Even if the owners want this look, they usually stay away of it because it is hard to do and maintain this hairstyle.

Here are more Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodle haircuts pictures:

Poodle Lion Cut


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