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Red Poodles: Standard miniature and Toy red Poodle

There are many different Poodle colors and many people find it hard to choose a favorite one.

However, one of the rarest and most special types is the Red Poodle, which is truly stunning.

Red Poodles - picture

This magnificent and shocking dog was not easy to be produced. It was hard to bring the red color into the genes of the Poodle and breed that type of the breed.

Let us see some of the history and the facts about these dogs.

Red Poodles History and Origin

Miniature red Poodle - photo

This type is of a faded gene. The Red Poodles are very rare and magnificent dogs.

Usually the Red Poodle puppies are produced by dogs with apricot lines. This might be a little confusing to you since the red is much deeper and darker color.

There is not complete understanding of the Red Poodles’ DNA. However, it seems like this type is from one completely separate gene. Sometimes it is being called the “rufus” gene.

The work of this gene might actually be to darken the apricot (or brown) coat. Nevertheless,it iscertain that the gene does not affect pups with black coat. It is recessive gene to all but the white Poodles.

In 1980 the red first became an official AKC color. Many Canadian breeders are joined in the Apricot Red Poodle Club. Black points are given to true red while liver points are not preferred in the USA but are acceptable.

The red Poodles as we see them nowadays took quite a long time to be developed. For the first time this idea – to develop a red color standard – came to the mind of Ilse Konig of the Shangri-La Kennel.

Standard Red Poodle - pictureSome experiments in the breeding were done – large standard sized red male at Palamares was mated to small miniature female apricot Poodle. There were four Red Poodles in their first litter and this color, as it was said, had been amazing.

Since two Poodles of different sizes are rarely mated, these dogs are included in a category, which falls between the Miniature and the Standard. It is called Moyan or Klein – this is recognized and even popular in Europe.

Then of each litter the biggest puppy was bred which helped to slowly increase the dog’s size. After many years of breeding it was relatively easy to breed red Standard Poodles.

Color Changes in Standard, Miniature and Toy Red Poodles

Red Poodle Puppies - picture

As the Red Poodle grows, many color changes might occur.

Occasionally, these puppies are very bright red at birth and over time their color lightens. Some of them will remain with this lighter color but others will, again, darken up with time.

If a Red Poodle becomes lighter, this color is usually kind of cinnamon one. Usually the pups are dark but at age between 1 year and 18 months their coats lighten.

The color may change not only when the dog is still a puppy, but also when it is an adult. Thus, you might be nicely surprised to see that your Poodle turns into this rare, bright and outstanding color.

However, it is common for this breed to fade, so do know that your red Poodle’s coat might fade. The pups are usually with very exceptional color but it usually changes with time. Still, the adult coat will also be magnificent.

Red Poodle Health and Temperament

Toy red Poodle - picture

The different colored Poodles – as black or apricot ones – are defined only by their coat color and so do the red Poodles. Thus, the vulnerabilities to health problems, the grooming needs and other care are no different that these required by a regular Poodle.

With Poodles, which are apricot or black, there is not any temperament or behavioral difference. The color of the coat does not have anything to do with the dog’s personality but is only a matter of the genomes.

Here is a video of a Standard red Poodle at play 🙂

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